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COFES Technology Suite vendors will be posted in January. For a look at vendors who participated in past events, click on the events link for the event and then go to the Tech Suites link.

Survival of the fittest

Your engineering product is popular now, but how will it hold up against the competition in 2, 5 or 10 years’ time? As a driving force in engineering technology solutions, you are responsible for the innovation of future products – the technology that engineering, architectural, and design companies will invest in across the long-term investment cycle. Is your current strategy strong enough to provide what users want? Are you ready and prepared to compete against new technologies, build on new operating systems, and to adopt new ideas that build your market share?


At COFES, you can start preparing through discussion and sharing of ground-breaking ideas with technology users, market leaders, analysts, and press. At COFES you can leave with greater knowledge, understanding and clarity of where your focus should be. COFES is not a venue for the hard-driving sales pitch. It is a summit where you can start to reassess your understanding of the engineering technology market, find out what users expect, and be able to invest in the future of your company. COFES is where the business of engineering technology moves forward. 



Private suites

For you to showcase your vision, we offer a limited number of private "Technology-Suites". In your suite you can speak privately and confidentially with a wide range of the influential attendees at COFES about your technology and strategic futures.


In addition, the COFES agenda has defined  scheduled briefing sessions where the entire conference moves to the Technology Suites. This allows vendors to present their visions of technology now and in the future during firmly arranged sessions, and are not 'competing' with other COFES activities.

This is a unique opportunity to visit with some of the most influential people in the engineering software industry, and be able to build your technology of the future in partnership with high-level users, analysts and press. To reserve your technology suite, contact Cyon Research for details. 301-365-9085.