COFES 2003 Home

Leveraging Engineering Technology to Achieve Business Goals

The 4th Annual COFES event is set to bring you the latest and best information, understanding and clarity about the role engineering technology will play in your company's future survival and success.

COFES Brings:

  • Exclusive, equal access to a wide-range of high-level invitation-only experts, decision-makers, vendors, editors, and analysts
  • An intense, focused schedule that ties together the current issues and future concerns that bother engineering executives, CIOs and CTOs
  • Private meetings between vendor participants and interested parties
  • Analyst briefings covering a spectrum of issues
  • Intense business and industry keynotes that introduce new, innovative technologies coming down the line and allow you to tie that to business decisions you are making now

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Program Highlights

  • Congress Sessions
  • Genetic Programming
  • Leading Keynotes
  • Business Issues
  • Analyst Briefings
  • Cyon Research's Annual Report


COFES 2003 was held at the
Scottsdale Plaza Resort