Program Highlights

Program Highlights

So Long and Thanks for all the CAD

We’ve spent the past 40+ years working with CAD tools that were “almost good enough.” CAD is finally at the point where it isn’t the center of our attention anymore. Where is engineering software going? What other types of tools will we need to perfect over the next 40 years?

On April 1, COFES2004 will begin to answer these and many other questions. Now marking its fifth year, this annual gathering of users, vendors, and analysts is the industry’s only annual think tank event, bringing executives from design, engineering, architectural, development, and technology companies together to better understand the role engineering technology will play in the future survival and success of their business.


COFES prides itself on keeping its participants informed of emerging technologies before the market spots them, enabling you to understand and predict the effects such technologies will bring to your business environment. COFES2004 will be no exception.

Keynote speakers at COFES2004 will focus on new areas of computing that were previously considered impossible, with the help of speakers such as Dr. John Koza and Peter Marks plus the keen insights of Dr. Joel Orr and Brad Holtz of Cyon Research, which hosts this event. In addition, COFES enjoys the active participation of a wide variety of industry and market analysts from companies including AMR Research, Cambashi, CIMdata, Peddie Associates, and DH Brown, in the event’s schedule of discussion groups and meetings.

Lead Keynote: John Koza, Genetic Programming

COFES2004 welcomes Dr. John Koza, the inventor of genetic programming, as its lead keynote speaker.

What is genetic programming? It is “software that creates software.” Based on a system that emulates genetic evolution, genetic programming starts from a high-level statement of “what needs to be done” and automatically creates a computer program to solve the problem. Genetic programming could have a profound impact on the users, developers and vendors of all software within just a few years.

Congress Sessions

COFES is a working congress, and a significant part of this comprises the open forums. This year the Congress Sessions - one for mechanical and one for AEC - will again bring users, vendors, press and analysts together as large groups for discussion of the strategic and tactical issues they face. Vendors, users, analysts, and press will share their views in moderated forums.

Technology-Suite Briefings

New to COFES this year are technology briefings by our sponsors. These 40-minute presentations will showcase the strategic vision, technologies, and research that will play a significant role in the way their users will work over the next decade.

Analyst Briefings

The industry’s leading consultants, editors, and prognosticators will lead lively interactive discussions of the potential of new technologies and their impact on business. These are the most respected and well-known analysts in our industry—people whose columns you read every month in the engineering and business press.

Cyon Research Annual report

Highlighting COFES2004 is Cyon Research’s annual report on engineering software technologies. Cyon Research conducts extensive interviews of users and vendors in the months preceding COFES, discussing both their major concerns and future visions. Cyon Research uses the results of these interviews as a basis for its analysis of the market.

Visual Journalism

On the walls surrounding the COFES sessions, murals will be unfolding on 4’ by 8’ paper to document the presentations and discussions among presenters and participants. The murals serve as tools for communicating the “gestalt” of abstract ideas, opening further discussion, and recording group memory. Visual journalist Eileen Clegg will create these visuals to capture out the tacit knowledge, intuition, unspoken themes, and creative ideas of the COFES event. More on visual journalism at COFES.

Building Community

COFES2004 is designed to help you see where the engineering technology industry is going, while giving you the opportunity to help set its direction. By creating opportunities for leaders of our industry to meet across vertical boundaries, COFES2004 will build a strong community among industry players--one that will provide leadership in the coming turbulent years. Come and help us design the future! Register today.