An "Innovate" Button – If only it were that simple!

Design tools today don’t have a tool for the inspiration part of innovation—the “light-bulb” moment—yet those tools are key enablers in the perspiration part of innovation. The idea of an “innovate" button is just a wishful fantasy.

Or is it? Is there any possibility that an "innovate" button might be more than a fantasy?

At COFES,  we have seen two technologies that lead us to believe that the idea of an "innovate" button is not as ridiculous as it might seem. Genetic programming (as seen in John Koza’s keynote at COFES 2004) and Ipifini’s Innovation Engine (discussed at COFES 2005) show hints of a future where some aspects of an "innovate" button might become real.

Would an "innovate" button solve the problem companies have of creating "innovative cultures"?

And the question remains: How do you balance inspiration and engineering? How do you manage the process to get the right amounts of both?

At COFES we explore these questions - and more - to try to understand what the future can hold. We look at ways in which manufacturers, architects, and designers can leverage innovation - with engineering technology - to reach business goals even without that "Innovate" button. This select group of people convenes annually to discuss how technology can make possible greater innovation and greater success.

COFES 2006 delivers executive briefings, visionary keynotes, analyst insights, intense group discussions, and structured peer-to-peer conversations all focus on building your company’s profit-ability and shareholder wealth. You’ll walk away from COFES with the vision to plan for your company’s future—not just for the next quarter, but for the next two, five, even ten years.

COFES is an invitation-only event, a think-tank for the best and brightest executives from companies that use engineering and design software, and the analysts, vendors, and press that serve them. If you want to understand what your company needs to do today, to take advantage of tomorrow’s engineering technology, you need to be at COFES.


Program Highlights

  • Congress Sessions
  • Genetic Programming
  • Leading Keynotes
  • Business Issues
  • Analyst Briefings
  • Cyon Research's Annual Report


COFES 2006 was held at the
Scottsdale Plaza Resort