October Update

This email was sent to COFES 2011 invitees on October 15, 2010

COFES 2011
  April 14 thru April 17, 2011 Scottsdale, Arizona. cofes.com

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  COFES 2011 Theme: Innovation in the face of complexity

Joy’s law tells us that we should look outside the firm for innovation. Why? Startups and small, nimble firms are less constrained by legacy issues; nor are they constrained by complexity. When an outside firm has an innovation, it can choose where to let the innovation run, unconstrained by our handcuffs. When we have an innovation, it is limited by our priorities and funding.

Pioneering (innovation that opens new markets), receives distressingly low funding in mature firms, precisely because mature firms are designed to maximize revenue from current intellectual property. In other words, it is in the nature of mature firms to focus on things other than pioneering.

But pioneering is not the only face of innovation. As firms mature and grow, complexity becomes a main constraint. What is the domain of innovation in this context? How can firms foster such innovation within the constraints of complexity? What opportunities are we missing?

  COFES 2010 Audio and Videos Posted

In case you haven't heard, we've posted the videos from the COFES 2010 keynotes and special presentations on the COFES website. Check out COFES.com/video.

We've also made it possible for anyone to listen to the audio recordings from Tech Suite Briefings, Analyst Briefings, and Roundtable discussions. COFES.com/audio. Check them out!

In addition, we have added a page of resources for all of the presentations that Peter Marks has given throughout the years at COFES. This page can be found at COFES.com/Marks

  COFES Israel Forum December 16, 2010 in Tel Aviv

COFES Israel is 9 weeks away. We've got an exciting line up and stellar attendees. Take a look: COFES.com/Israel

  2010 Survey of Engineering Software Users

Last month, Cyon Research released the availability of its 2010 Survey of Engineering Software Users. This new report provides information of special interest to companies that sell technical software to the manufacturing and AEC markets, and to those that invest in such companies. The report is available for purchase from Cyon Research.

Cyon Research’s 2010 Survey of Engineering Software Users is based on responses to an extensive set of questions provided by more than 700 users of CAD, CAE, and data management (PDM/PLM/BIM) software. The report focuses on demographics, software stickiness (resistance of customers to changing software tools), desire for best-in-class versus best-integrated solutions, spending priorities, technology initiatives, and expectations for spending, staffing, and performance gains.

An executive summary of the report is available at no charge at http://cyonresearch.com/whitepapers. For more information or to purchase the report, contact Cyon Research at 301-365-9085 or email to info@cyonresearch.com

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