December Update

This email was sent to COFES 2012 invitees on December 14, 2011

COFES 2011
  April 12 thru April 15, 2012 Scottsdale, Arizona

  COFES Registration ends December 31

If you haven't already registered, be sure to register by the end of this month.

Save $400 by registering before Registration ends on Saturday, December 31st!

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If you do not have your registration code, call us at 301-365-9085, or visit to apply for an invitation.


  Richard Riff to give Saturday Keynote at COFES 2012

Dr. Richard Riff is the Director of Ford´s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) initiative and technical fellow for Virtual Product Creation and PLM, one of five technical fellows at Ford.

The Intersection of Design and Risk

At COFES 2012, we’ll explore the role of risk in design, the impact time-horizon plays, and what actions we can (or should) take in response. Richard's keynote will extend our understanding of the role of risk in the day-to-day decisions of where and how we allocate engineering resources. We all address risk daily, each in our own way. In design, risk is a consideration in each decision we make. But how and when we think of risk needs to change. Not only do we need to pay attention to our risk horizon (which is much closer than our reward horizon), we also must look for opportunities where risk has not yet participated in the decision process, but should.

  Cyon Research Survey of Users

We've just launched our latest survey of what customers are thinking. This new survey continues our research into technology planning, initiatives, and drivers behind change. If you or your firm uses CAD/CAE/PLM/ or BIM, please consider participating in the survey.

If instead you are a vendor of software, please consider passing on the link to your customers so they can be counted. Custom links are available on request.

We'll be presenting the results of this research on Thursday afternoon at COFES 2012!

Thank you for your participation!

  The CAD Society is accepting award nominations

The CAD Society is accepting nominations for the 2012 CAD Society Industry Awards.

The CAD Society Awards acknowledge the contributions made by individuals that have affected and developed the CAD, engineering, manufacturing and architecture software industries. The awards are presented at each year at COFES.

The CAD Society presents awards in three categories:

Joe Greco Community Award: For outstanding work in improving communication and developing community within the CAD industry. Martyn Day  was the 2011 recipient of the Community award. Past award recipients include: Evan Yares, Sean Dotson, Chris Yessios, Lynn Allen, Randall Rath, CJ Shirk, Kristine Fallon, and Ralph Grabowski.

Leadership Award: For outstanding technical and business leadership in the CAD industry, and focus and dedication to the needs of CAD users. Dieter Neujahr was the  the recipient of the 2011 the Leadership award. Past award recipients include: Carl Bass, Jay Sunyogh, Dana K. “Deke” Smith, Robert McNeel, Tony Affuso, Tom Butta, Jon Hirschtick, and Bernard Charles.

Lifetime Award: For a lifetime of outstanding technical and business contributions to the CAD industry. Richard Riff was the 2011 recipient of the Lifetime award. Past award recipients include: Mike Riddle, Dean Kamen, Russell F. Henke, Ken Versprille, L. Stephen Wolfe, Carl Machover, Dr. Joel Orr, and Patrick Hanratty.

Nominations must identify the award category and explain why the nominee deserves to be honored. Email nominations can be sent to . Video nominations are also acceptable, but must be posted to YouTube with the keywords ‘CAD Society’, along with a link sent by email to

All nominations need to be received by March 1, 2012, for consideration by the CAD Society.

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