February Update

COFES 2013
  April 11 thru April 14, 2013 Scottsdale, Arizona cofes.com

  Confirmation Letter

We'll be sending out confirmation letters for COFES next week. If you requested hotel accommodations at COFES 2013, your hotel confirmation will be included in the COFES confirmation letter.


If you have any questions or concerns about your hotel accommodations, please feel free to give us a call at: +1-301-365-9085 or email us at: becca.wells@cyonresearch.com

  Esther Dyson to give Saturday Keynote at COFES 2013

Esther Dyson, angel investor and innovation visionary, has focused her energies on investing in new business models, new countries and new companies, especially in healthcare, digital technology, and space. Dyson is a board member and active investor in a variety of start-up companies. The New York Times Magazine once called her “the most powerful woman in the Net-erati.” Dyson has also been described as a powerbroker, high-tech priestess, knowledge entrepreneur, and digital-age philosopher.

Business Models: Blind Evolution or Intelligent Design

Dyson’s keynote address will focus on the business implications of exceptions — how software advancements are now causing a shift in business practices. Early in Dyson’s career, she covered the launch of Federal Express. Their business model succeeded because they simplified the complex courier service by getting rid of exceptions and providing standard rules for transport. In contrast, everything is an exception today—from individuals’ genomes to 3D-printed customer clothing or precision machinery. Dyson’s address will detail how current software innovations are allowing businesses to manage this complexity in realtime.

  Robert Neches to give lunch keynote at the DaS Symposium

Robert Neches, Director of Advanced Engineering Initiatives for the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense, will be at COFES 2013 to give the lunch keynote at the DaS Symposium on Thursday.

The DaS Symposium (Design & Sustainability) is an open conversation of the role of design and software for design in the context of sustainability. Robert's keynote will present some new concepts in "Engineering Resilient Systems".

Those of you planning your travel to COFES, please remember that the DaS Symposium at COFES will once again be held from 8:30am to 3:00pm on Thursday, the first day of COFES. More to come soon...

  Cyon Research Stock Index Update

At the end of each year, Cyon Research updates its Stock Index. Check out the latest results at cyonresearch.com/stocks

  Last Call for Roundtable Topics Requests

You may have noticed that the COFES Agenda doesn't have a list of the topics for any of the roundtable discussions. That's because we wait until we've had a chance to talk with all of the COFES participants before the topics get set.

Now's your chance to put your hot issue on the platform for discussions. What key issues do you want on the table for discussion at COFES? Send a short description to brad.holtz@cyonresearch.com so that we may consider your issue for discussion.

For ideas, please take a look at last year's agenda discussion subjects (scroll down to 10:45am on Saturday). The final COFES 2013 discussion topics will be posted by the end of March.

  USERS ONLY: 2013 Global User Survey

At COFES, Cyon Research presents findings from its research. Our current USER survey is a detailed look at technology planning, initiatives, and drivers behind change. This will form the basis of some of our presentation. If you ARE a USER of engineering design software (CAD, CAE, BIM, PLM), please consider participating in the survey at:


If you have colleagues from other parts of the world, please consider sharing these links to the survey in other languages:


Qualified users who complete the survey will receive a copy of the $2,000 report when it is published later this summer.

If you are not a USER, please consider sharing these links with your customers.

  Tech Soft 3D Annual Customer Meeting

Current and potential Tech Soft 3D customers are invited to hear about the company's outlook and plans in the near, medium and long-term future at their annual meeting. As a toolkit provider, Tech Soft 3D aggregates the needs of hundreds of leading engineering companies, making it an excellent bellwether of the industry at large. Thursday at 1pm.

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