COFES Russia 2013 Agenda

COFES Russia will be held in both Engish and Russian with simultaneous translation for all sessions.
Thursday, May 30, 2013
09:30 C3D Labs Customer Meeting
Potential C3D kernel customers are invited to special event, where you can hear about C3D history, our development team and our plans for next years.

Hear case studies from our customers, see their products built on C3D, and share their experience in work with ASCON. Our partners will show solutions that help build great 3D systems easier and faster.

The entire event will be open for discussions. More details will be published here as the event approaches.

About C3D Labs…

12:00 COFES Russia 2013 Registration and Badge Pick-up Opens
Attire for COFES Russia is very casual (no suits or ties); shirts with or without collars; jeans or khakis; tennis shoes or sandals.

13:30 Tech Soft 3D Customer Event
Current and potential Tech Soft 3D customers are invited to hear about the company’s outlook and plans in the near, medium and long-term future at their annual event. As a toolkit provider, Tech Soft 3D aggregates the needs of hundreds of leading engineering companies, making it a bellwether of the industry at large.

In English. Translation will not be provided for this session. About Tech Soft 3D

15:30 Special Session: Dick Morley’s Master Class
Dick Morley
Cyon Research
This master class will be presented in English. Translation will not be provided for this session

18:00 Business Reception
Opening business reception. First formal opportunity for COFES Russia Newbies to meet their Hosts.
Music, food and refreshments.
COFES Russia 2013 Opening Intro
Welcome, introductions, orientation, and schedule.

22:00 Welcome Reception
All COFES Attendees and sponsors gather for an end-of-the-day evening social.
Music, food, and refreshments.
*Guests of COFES Attendees must be registered and must be wearing their badges during the event.

Friday, May 31, 2013
06:30 Breakfast, for those staying at the New Peterhof Hotel
Each COFES attendee from the user community is assigned a leading industry analyst who will act as their host for the event. The host’s primary responsibility is to make sure that you get the most value possible out of the event and introduce you to key industry players. If you are staying at the hotel, why not plan to meet your host for breakfast.

Breakfast is for those staying at the New Peterhof Hotel and is included in the room rate.

Attire for COFES Russia is “summer comfortable”: no suits or ties. Knit shirts, t-shirts; jeans or khakis; tennis shoes or sandals, etc. are welcome.
08:37 Kickoff: Opening Session and Call to Order
Your hosts, Cyon Research, will set the stage for the day’s activities.
09:00 Keynote: Jesse Devitte
Jesse Devitte
Borealis Ventures

Jesse Devitte
Jesse leverages his hands-on operating experience and software industry contacts to source and nurture exceptional application software opportunities for Borealis. He currently is a Director on the boards of Borealis portfolio companies Envista, Handmark, Newforma, and Vico, as well as an observer on the SpaceClaim board. He previously served as a Director on the boards of Borealis Fund I portfolio companies @Last Software (acquired by Google, Inc.) and Scribe Software (acquired by The Mustang Group).

Prior to co-founding Borealis Ventures, Jesse served as an executive in two public application software companies. He helped grow Softdesk from a New Hampshire start-up to a multinational public company. Serving on the Board of Directors and in a variety of senior positions at Softdesk, he oversaw numerous acquisitions, a successful initial public offering and the sale of the business in 1996 to Autodesk. While at Autodesk, Jesse led the integration of the two companies and served on the Autodesk executive staff as the Vice President and General Manager of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Division. After Autodesk, he advised a number of early-stage companies (Beansprout Networks and and co-founded Handmark, Inc. (which later became a Borealis portfolio company).

Jesse serves on the New England Executive Board of TechNet, the Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation as well as numerous other non-profit boards, and is a past Chair of the Software Association of New Hampshire and a past director of the New Hampshire High Technology Council. He graduated with Distinction from the Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs and completed his military service as a member of the White House Communications Agency during the Ford and Carter administrations.
10:15 Technology Suite Briefings
COFES Russia 2013 Technology Suites will be announced beginning in early January.
The following have committed to participate in COFES Russia 2013 with Technology Suites as of January 1, 2013:
Top Systems

— >
— >
— > Sponsor Company
Company Spokesperson
Technology Suite Briefing Topic: To Be Determind
Briefing information will be released in early February.

10:55 Break

Analyst and User Briefings
We’ve invited some of the brightest and most talented thinkers, analysts and users, to each lead a working discussion on an issue they view as critical. There will be four sessions happening at the same time. We will post the content of each session as it becomes confirmed.
Allan Behrens
Taxal Limited
Model-Based EngineeringModel-based engineering (MBE) has often been considered something just for specialists. Recent advances have opened MBE for broader adoption. What are the new practical realities of MBE methods and software? What are the implications and value to the business of this broader adoption? Where are the barriers to this? How can we practically embed MBE principles and tools into our developmental workflows?
Peter Bilello
Software Delivery: Moving to the Cloud and Changing Business ModelsWhat’s next? Some say that moving software delivery to the Cloud is back to the days of data centers, mainframe computers, and timing sharing, but is it? Are we just seeing a shift of where the software is being served, or is it more than that? And what are the potential positive and negative impacts on the software industry’s business models and its users in the years to come?
Nick Nisbet
Learning from the BIM Revolution in the UK
The UK had a reputation for being a laggard when it came to technology in AEC and more specifically, in BIM. The UK Government seems to have changed that, moving the UK from being almost last to almost first in the world in sharing structured facility information (BIM) in just a year, through government mandates. What disruptions has this caused? How is it succeeding? What can be learned from the UK experience?
Analyst and User Briefings
Analyst and user briefings, round 2, with different analysts, different topics.
Jon Peddie
Jon Peddie Research
The Pending Hardware Revolution and Its Impact on Our ProfessionYou know about Moore’s law, what it has done for you already. What are the implications for what it will do for you next? As we enter the era of big data and cloud computing, we’ll still do a lot of signal and data processing up close and personal, only more accurately, faster, and better. How will this change your business environment? How do you prepare to compete locally when global trends are opening your local doors to global competitors.
Jim Brown
Tech Clarity
The Future of Data Management and Search
Effective data management leads to important business benefits ranging from improved engineering efficiency to higher levels of innovation. But how will data management change over the next five years? Will today’s centralized approaches still dominate? Will new, advanced search techniques change the way we manage data and make information location irrelevant? If it does, how will data relationships be managed? What other issues may arise and where might we see surprising benefits?
De Neef~Christian_88w.jpg
Chris De Neef
Fast Track Consulting
Driving Technology Adoption
Bausk, Alex.jpg
Alex Bausk
Model-Based Engineering in the Context of AEC and BIMModel-Based Engineering (MBE) and Model-Based Delivery (MBD) are two key trends in the manufacturing industry, but the concepts behind them apply to the AEC industry as well. How do these concepts modify our understanding and practice of BIM? What is involved and who benefits from the application of these process-centric methodologies when applied to AEC?
12:40 Lunch

14:00 Technology Suite Briefings
Round 2 of COFES Russia 2013 Technology Suites.

14:45 Analyst and User Briefings
Analyst briefings, round 3, with different analysts, different topics.
Peter Thorne
ALM and PLM Grow Closer

Global trends are pushing ALM and PLM towards each other. What does this mean for design and engineering within Russia?

Marina Korol
What Mandated BIM Might Mean for RussiaUS government mandates for BIM played a significant role in jumpstarting BIM adoption in the US. The new BIM mandates for the UK may take that a step further. What does this mean for Russia-based design and construction firms? Should Russia adopt similar mandates? How should they differ from the US and UK? Might this be enough to drive the localization we’ve been asking for to support Russian-style BIM?
Phares Noel
Cyon Research
Integrating PointClouds into the Flow of Design and Engineering


First Congress: Perspectives on PLM
A panel discussion on specific topics in PLM and BIM, with participation of significant industry leaders:
Brad Holtz
Cyon Research
Moderator Shilovitsky~Oleg_88w
Oleg Shilovitsky
With a cloud-centric, bite-sized view of PLM Nyrkov~Nikoly_88w
Nikoly Nyrkov
With a social or low-cost view of PLM Mitchell~David_88w
David Mitchell
Siemens PLM
With a vision of how traditional PLM is evolving Kozlov~Sergey_88w
Sergey Kuraksin
Top Systems
With a view on moving the line between PLM and ERP
Walk thru the palace grounds to the pier for our Evening in St. Petersburg
We will meet in the main lobby of the New Peterhof Hotel, and will walk as a group to the water shuttle at the pier just a block away.
Evening in St. Petersburg
Join us for a night of good food and good company at the a special restaurant in historic and beautiful St. Petersburg. Enjoy the extended daylight hours the White Nights offer while discussing the future of international software engineering and taking in the sights. It is sure to be a COFES Russia highlight!

*Guests of COFES Attendees must be registered and have paid a supplemental registration fee in order to attend this event.
Walk to water shuttle to return to the New Peterhof Hotel after the Evening Event
We will return to the resort between 10:00 and 11:00 pm.

Saturday, June 1, 2013
Breakfast, for those staying at the New Peterhof Hotel
Breakfast is for those staying at the New Peterhof Hotel and is included in the room rate.
Morning Kickoff
Your hosts will set the stage for the day’s activities.
09:00 Keynote: To be announced
10:15 Roundtable Discussions
Cyon Research investigates issues in engineering and design. That research forms the basis for the issue topics for these 90-minute roundtable discussions.
The Russian Geometric Kernal (RGK)
Where is Collaborative Engineering Headed and What Does it Mean for Russia?
Additional roundtable topics for COFES Russia 2013 will be posted as they are finalized.
11:45 Break

12:00 Second Congress: Plenary Discussion
This working congress session is an open forum for examining the issues surrounding technologies expected to have an impact on the business of design and engineering. The purpose of these discussions is to examine current issues, explore opportunities for a brighter future, consider approaches, and promote further dialogue. The focus for COFES Russia 2013 will center on two topics.

The first is the a discussion of the issues and futures facing design and engineering in the world at large.

The second will be an exploration of the validity and potential impact of the broader, global trends, on the users and markets within Russia and CIS.
Lunch and the close of COFES
A Walk in the Park
If time permits, and you have room in your budget, join us on a stroll to the Grand Palace of Petergof on Saturday.
(for Sunday, we are working to arrange for a group visit to St. Petersburg)