Key Participants

A Who’s-Who of the engineering software community(CAD/CAE/CAM/PDM/PLM/BIM/GIS) participated in COFES 2009.
Attendees included:

Al Dean, Co-Founder & Editor-in-Chief, DEVELOP 3D
Allan Behrens, Director, Cambashi
Andreas Vlahinos, Principal, Advanced Engineering Solutions
Andrew Stein, CEO, TAJSG
Andy Sherlock, CEO, ShapeSpace
Benjamin Welle, PhD Candidate, Stanford University CIFE
Bill Barnes, General Manager, Lattice Technology
Bill Carrelli, Vice-President, Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Siemens PLM Software
Bill McClure, Vice-President of MCAD Products, Siemens PLM Software
Blake Courter, Co-Founder, SpaceClaim
Bob Bean, Executive Vice-President, Kubotek USA
Bob Bennett, Vice-President of Marketing, Luxology
Bob Courtland, President, Robert D. Courtland, Chtd.
Bob Deragisch, Manager, Enterprise Systems, Parker Hannifin
Bob Fischer, Vice-President Sales & Marketing, VX Corporation
Bob Mayer, COO, IMSI/Design
Bob McNeel, President, Robert McNeel & Associates
Brad Holtz, President & CEO, Cyon Research
Brad Peebler, CEO, Luxology
Brenda Discher, Vice-President Industry Marketing, Autodesk
Brent Jenkins, Director of Engineering, SolidPartners
Brian Seitz, Senior Analyst, Cyon Research
Brian Shepherd, Executive Vice-President, Product Development, PTC
Brian Vaillancourt, Publisher, Desktop Engineering
Bruce Jenkins, CEO, Ora Research
Buzz Kross, Senior Vice-President, Manufacturing Solutions, Autodesk
Carol Popovich, Microchip Academic Program, Microchip Technology
Carolyn Castillo, Business Operations Specialist, Boeing
Chad Jackson, Research Director, Product Innovation & Engineering Practice, Aberdeen Group
Chris Brown, Manager, Analyst Relations, PTC
Chris Garcia, Senior Vice-President, Business Development, Anark
Chris Randles, President & CEO, SpaceClaim
Chris Senesac, Deputy Lean Engineering, Boeing
Chris Williams, CEO, Vuuch
Chuck House, Executive Director, Media X
Chuck Paulsen, Director of Business Strategy, AMPS Technologies
Clem Meas, President, quickSTART Consulting
Craig Larson, Director, Engineering & Construction, Oracle
Cristiano Sacchi, CEO, Novedge
Dan Everton, PLM Global Marketing, IBM
Dan Francisco, Public Relations Manager, Autodesk
Dan Garms, Managing Director, The Garms Group
Dan Raker, President, ConnectPress
Dave Cohn, President, David S. Cohn Consulting
Dave Forrester, Managing Director, LightWork Design
Dave Opsahl, CEO, Actify
Dave Ullman, President, Robust Decisions
Dave Weisberg, Chief Industry Strategist, Cyon Research
David Heller, President, IBSystems
David Jordani, President, Jordani Consulting Group
David Prawel, President, LongView Advisors
Deelip Menezes, Blogger,
Deke Smith, Senior Analyst, Cyon Research
Dick Morley, Senior Consultant, Cyon Research
Diego Tamburini, Senior Evangelism Manager, Microsoft
Doc Hall, Editor-in-Chief, Target, Association for Manufacturing Excellence
Don Brown, Chairman, CPDA
Don Tolle, Vice-President, Business Development, Comet Solutions
Ed Lick, IT CAD Support Manager, STV
Elena Fernandez, PLM Manager, IBM
Evan Yares, President, Purecor
Francis Allias, CEO, The P51 Group
Francis Cadin, CEO, DATAKIT
Franco Folini, President, Novedge
Francois Chretien, Director of Engineering, Adobe Systems
Gail Robinson, Managing Director, TechCom
Gary Vanderplaats, CEO, Vanderplaats R&D;
Gavin Bridgeman, Director of Product Strategy, Tech Soft 3D
George Wong, Senior Principal Engineer, Boeing
Glen Smith, CEO and Co-Founder, DriveWorks
Grant Rochelle, Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence, MSD, Autodesk
Grant Soremekun, Application Engineer, Phoenix Integration
Greg Harris, Vice-President, Strategic Initiatives, InfoTech Enterprises America
Hans Ehrnrooth, President, Tekla
Hilde Sevens, Senior Product Line Manager, Manufacturing Soultions, Autodesk
Howie Markson, Director of Marketing, Spatial
Iain Michel, Vice-President, Business Development and Strategic Planning, PTC
Jack Ring, Senior Analyst, Cyon Research
Jay Lyon, Global Automation Manager, Husky Injection Molding
Jay Vleeschhouwer, , Financial Analyst
Jeff Ray, CEO, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Jeremy Powell, Product Marketing Manager, Nemetschek North America
Jerry Walters, Vice-President Marketing, Spatial
Jim Brown, President, Tech-Clarity
Joe Barkai, Practice Director, Manufacturing Insights
Joe Walsh, Vice-President Business Development, Simmetrix
Joel Hurt, Director, Global Business Development, Leica Geosystems, HDS
Joel Orr, Vice-President & Chief Visionary, Cyon Research
John Alpine, Vice-President of Research and Development, Spatial
John Fox, Director, Product & Market Strategy, PTC
John Miller, Graduate Student, Old Dominion University
John Mohan, CEO, Rosebud PLM
Jon Hirschtick, Group Executive, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Jon Jarrett, Manager, Engineering Systems, Information Technology, ATK Launch Systems
Jon Peddie, President, Jon Peddie Research
JP Leiva, President & COO, Vanderplaats R&D;
Kathleen Maher, Analyst, Jon Peddie Research
Keith Mountain, CEO, Spatial
Ken Coburn, President, GoEngineer
Ken Hall, Director, Sustainable Design Systems, Gensler
Ken Versprille, PLM Research Director, CPDA
Ken Welch, , Angel Investor
Kimon Onuma, President, Onuma
Lou Gallo, Vice-President, Digital Dimensions
Lynn Allen, Evangelist, Autodesk
Mak Nalgirkar, President, Sungrace Software
Malcolm Panthaki, CTO, Comet Solutions
Marc Dulude, General Partner, Ampersand Ventures
Marc Halpern, Research Director, Gartner
Maria Sarkar, Vice-President, Marketing and Co-Founder, DriveWorks
Mark Kiker, Director of Technology, HMC Architects
Mark Parent, Chief Operating Officer, Kubotek USA
Mark Sawyer, CEO, Vico Software
Mark Thomas, CTO & Founder, Right Hemisphere
Mark Vorwaller, President, VX Corporation
Marshall Page, Technology Initiative Manager, Nike
Martin Fischer, Director, Center for Integrated Facility Engineering
Martyn Day, Consulting Editor, DEVELOP3D
Michael Koch, PhD Candidate, Oregon State University
Michael Lynch, CEO, Right Hemisphere
Michael Pacylowski, Sales Engineering Manager, Nemetschek North America
Michael Tardif, Director, Integrated Project Delivery Systems, Grunley Construction
Mike Payne, Chairman, SpaceClaim
Mike Riddle, CEO, Evolution Computing
Monica Schnitger, President, Schnitger Corporation
Nail Sudin, CEO, ShareVis
Nancy Johnson, Editor-in-Chief, Cadalyst Magazine
Nate Morehouse, PhD Candidate, Arizona State University
Nathanael Miller, Mechanical Engineeer, NASA Langley Research Center
Oleg Shilovitsky, CTO, Dassault Systemes ENOVIA SmarTeam
Paul Stallings, Vice-President of Development, Kubotek USA
Pete Marks, Managing Director, Design Insight
Pete Wells, President, Smart2Market
Peter Schroer, President, Aras Corporation
Phares Noel, Senior Analyst, Cyon Research
Phil Belnap, President, Optimal Solutions
Ping Fu, President & CEO, Geomagic
Prasad Boradkar, Associate Professor, Arizona State University
Rachael Taggart, Director of Marketing, Lattice Technology
Ragnar Wessman, Chief Product Strategist, Tekla
Randall Newton, Editor-in-Chief, CADCAMNet, AshBridge Media
Richard Doyle, User Community Manager, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Rick Chin, Director of Product Innovation, Dassault Systemes SolidWorks
Rick Ingram, President, License Tracker
Rick Stavanja, Editor-in-Chief,
Rob Glasier, President, CSM Technology
Rob Poor, Principal, NBT Ventures
Roman Walsh, Applications Engineer, SpaceClaim
Ron Fritz, CEO, Tech Soft 3D
Ron Watson, Director, Product Data Lifecycle Management, ITT
Rony Abovitz, Chief Technology Officer, Mako Surgical Corp.
Roopinder Tara, President & CEO, TenLinks
Sandra Benson, Vice-President Engineering & Construction Practice, CSS International
Sandro Sozzi, Senior Analyst, Cyon Research
Scott Simmons, CTO, TechniGraphics
Sean Flaherty, CEO, Nemetschek North America
Seth Nichols, CEO, Cadalyst Magazine
Shaun Ennis, Director of Analyst Relations, Siemens PLM Software
Shyamal Roy, Senior Consultant, Cyon Research
Simon Floyd, Manager, Worldwide Industry Technology Strategy, Microsoft
Stan Przybylinski, Manager, Market Intelligence, Dassault Systemes
Stephen Collins, President & CEO, Anark
Steve Eick, President and CEO, VisTracks
Steve Prusha, Program Manager, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Steve Wolfe, Senior Analyst, Cyon Research
Tal Weiss, CEO, VisualTao
Terry Swack, CEO & Co-Founder, Sustainable Minds
Terry Wohlers, President, Wohlers Associates
Thomas Wingate, PhD Candidate, Stanford University CIFE
Tom Dengenis, CEO, Synchro
Tom Pennino, President, TP Technologies
Tony Kowalishen, Vice-President of Marketing and Sales, SolidPartners
Torben Sko, PhD Candidate, The Australian National University
Tord Dennis, Product Marketing Manager, Siemens PLM Software
Vijay Vasandani, Vice-President, TechniGraphics
Vladimir Malukh, Director for PLM Services, LEDAS
Xiuzi Ye, Chairman and CEO, New Dimension Systems
Yanick Fluhmann, Director of Business Development, Tech Soft 3D